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  1. Cliff Goree

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    Where can I find a printable copy of Between Friends?
  2. Michaelstedman81

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    If you are talking about the "Between Friends" brochure about Freemasonry, I wasn't able to find an "official" site that has it for download yet. I have been looking for it as well, but I did find that Irving Masonic Lodge #1218 had scanned it and posted it on their site (or blog). Below is the link to that page I found. Click on "Between Friends Brochure" and it will take you to Google Docs which has a PDF version of it uploaded. (Just FYI, since the link goes to Google Docs, I asked me to log in with my Google account. I don't know for sure if you have to log in just to view it or not). Also, as I said, it is a scanned version of the brochure. Hope this helps, and is what you are looking for. If I am able to find a better copy of it, I will post.

    Irving Masonic Lodge #1218: December 2008
  3. BroBill

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    I haven't checked lately, but you might look at the Grand Lodge of Texas website. It was a Grand Master's program several years ago and there may still be material on the website. There was also a casset tape to give to friends as well in that program.
  4. Cliff Goree

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    Thanks. I had already looked on The Grand Lodge of Texas's website. There are three, rather long, audio files there that are very informative, but, as WM, I am looking for material to create a Freemasonry Packet to keep at the Lodge to give to people, or friends of brothers, that are interested in masonry.
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    I recommend your lodge purchasing the notebook entitled Membership Mentoring from 2007. It has the Between Friends pamphlet, as well as an essay "A Response to a Non-Mason's Request for Information," a copy of the Petition, a copy of the Investigation Report, another Essay "How Well are we guarding the West Gate?' a bibliography of Masonic resources, great information on developing a Mentoring program, including a Mentoring handbook; and all of the formal GLoT education programs: Lodge System of Candidate Information (all four parts); Additional Lodge Light (for the new Master Mason) and Lodge Instruction For Effectiveness for potential principal officers (JW, SW and WM).

    Your District Deputy should have presented the Lodge with a copy of GRand Master James Brumit's signature program "Pass it On."

    These are great resources for any lodge. I would encourage you to push for the Lodge to purchase these at a very minimum for your Education/Mentoring committee and your 3 principals.

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