Bicycle Riding Masons

Discussion in 'Sports and Outdoors' started by Michael Guyer Jr, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Michael Guyer Jr

    Michael Guyer Jr Registered User

    I would like to get together with any Masons who are interested in riding in the San Antonio area. Those who are interested, please let me know. Short, long, green belt, off road, road rides, or any thing you can think of, I am in, and hopefully get a group together to go on regular rides.
  2. Ledford

    Ledford Registered User

    It is kind of funny you mention this. Ever heard of RAGBRAI. It's a leisure bike trip across Iowa. We will have 20,000 riders coming through (and some staying the night) tomarrow in my town of 2,220 people. Ever do a trip to do it let me know. Tomarrow I get to hand out over 1,000 bananas in 95 degree heat.

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