Bicycles for Needy Children

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  1. Brethren:
    This year I am getting a head start on coordinating our Annual Wallace Hughston Bicycle Drive for 2011. Our goal this is to provide 30 bicycles for low income children who do not own a bicycle. Three years ago when we launched this event we gave away 12 bicycles, and every year the number has increased – last year we gave away 25 bicycles and each came with a riding helmet. I have not conferred with our WM to see which elementary will be the recipient of the bikes, but rest assured they go to low income children. The school administration does a very good job in selecting kids based on financial need and they also insure that kids do not draw gifts from multiple organizations. For these kids to get a bicycle for Christmas it would be like us waking up and finding a brand new Corvette parked in our driveway. Although I know I won’t be getting a Corvette for Christmas, I draw great joy and humility in being able to coordinate this year’s bicycle drive.

    I hope everyone will be in a financial position to make a donation this year. Also I encourage everyone to come out and assist in giving away the bicycles – smiles a mile wide!

    A main reason for sending this email early is because most stores put their bikes on clearance soon after Labor Day and as Christmas draws near their prices go back to full price. So right now is the best time to buy a bicycle. In some stores you can practically buy 2 bicycles for the price of 1. Additionally, it’s easier to plan ahead financially and make a donation before the Holiday’s are upon us. Any donation is greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing shiny bicycles at Wallace Hughston.

    God Bless and Take Care.
    P.M. Ed Salas, Wallace Hughston Lodge 1393
    El Paso Texas

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