Black Balled x2

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  1. JamesMichael

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    We had a first (for me) at our lodge meeting last week. Two candidates rejected. They were both in their nonage.
    Was refreshing to see that our interest in bringing new men in was put aside in respect for quality. Has your lodge ever seen a black cube cast?
  2. Brennan

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    We aren't allowed to say how many black balls where cast. Only if the ballot was cloudy or clear.
  3. goomba

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    In the past three years we have had six petitions and two have been rejected by the ballot. In Alabama all petitions must be voted on.
  4. Brother JC

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    In NM, any objection from an Investigation Committee kills a petition. I've seen men rejected that way, as well as from a dark and cloudy vote.
  5. dfreybur

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    If they were under age their petitions should not have been accepted in the first place so they never should have faced the ballot. The petitions should never have been accepted in the first place. Not signed in the first place, not accepted by the secretary, voted against when read, an objection when read, whichever the exact practice is in your jurisdiction.
  6. JamesMichael

    JamesMichael Premium Member

    They were of age physically just not emotionally

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  7. rfuller

    rfuller Premium Member

    Every part of me wants to congratulate your lodge...until I think about my own Initiation. I was initiated, passed, and raised as a 21 year old. I was not "ready" until my late 20's. Something inside me finally clicked in the past few years. At times, I wish I had waited because I feel like I would have gotten more out of my degrees when I was older. On the other side of that coin, when I was ready, I already had that base in place.

    I'm not taking a position here. We have one brother in my lodge that I think wasn't ready. (And no, guys from my lodge who read this forum, I'm not saying who. You either see it or you don't.) But I kind of see myself in him. I just hope he actually makes it through the other degrees, and then comes back when he is ready. It's not a slight on the brother. It's just where he is in his journey. And I obviously don't know him very well. But from my interactions with him, and watching how he handles himself in Lodge and how little gravity he gives to the craft, I just don't feel like he is ready.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here is I am glad to hear of a lodge that is guarding it's West Gate a little better, but at the same time, some men take a little more time to get to that place. Just because they haven't quite reached that place yet doesn't mean they won't make good Masons one day.

    As far as dropping cubes goes, I've only seen it once. It was due to a mason who fell into moral turpitude, but wished to be was kind of ugly.
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