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Discussion in 'Masonic Education' started by Mikailduran, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Good evening,

    First let me introduce myself, I’m Mikail Duran (23) and I live in The Netherlands. I didn’t joined a Lodge yet because of Covid-19 but I already contacted someone I know. I would like to know if someone has a recommendation for a book I can dive in and why I need to read it.
    Currently I’m reading different kind of books.

    R- Mikail Duran

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  2. Brother JC

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    Honestly, there’s not a lot you need to know to start. Many books contain more than you need to know at present and something innocuous might ruin the entire process.
    Instead, think on your reasons, your motives; why are you on this path? Why become a Freemason? These are the studies of a prospective candidate.
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  3. Mike Martin

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    It is not a good idea to try and read up about Freemasonry before being Initiated because you have no BS filter and so you won't know whether what you're reading is accurate or not. My usual advice when asked is that you should find out whether the Grand Lodge that your prospective Lodge is under has published a history of Freemasonry in your country and stick to that.
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  4. coachn

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    I wrote a book that gives a straight-forward view of the organization, what they say they do, what they actually do, what they claim their history is and what history tells us.

    It's filled with the good, the bad and the ugly, so brace yourself for the Light it provides to you.

    You can find it here:

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