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    I couldnt find the thread (IM in a hurry) but this should answer the discussion about if a candidate may have a his book of faith on the alter...

    Art. 397. (434). Religious Belief. A firm belief in the existence
    of God, the immortality of the soul, and the divine authenticity of the
    Holy Scriptures is indispensably necessary before a candidate can
    be initiated, but this Grand Lodge does not presume to prescribe any
    canonical books or what part thereof are inspired. It is the policy of
    this Grand Lodge to permit a candidate whose religious persuasion
    is based upon other than the Holy Bible to be obligated upon the
    book of his chosen faith, and same may be situated upon the Altar
    in front of the Holy Bible during the conferral of the three degrees of
    Masonry. In which event, all esoteric references to “The Holy Bible”
    during the conferral of the degree(s) and the lessons appropriate
    thereto shall be substituted with “The Book of your (my) Faith.”
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    i love this article.

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