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    Hello Brethren,

    My name is Ghassan. I am a Freemason in a local blue lodge located in Raleigh, NC. I am also a member of the Scottish Rite in my valley.

    I have accidentally stumbled across this great site. My state currently does not have such forum.

    I am have a small request. I am highly interested in working in the Intelligence Community as I am a native Arabic speaker with a degree of proficiency in that language. I would like to use my skill to provide assistance to the IC. However, my attempts to pursue this career track have been lacking. I have applied to several intelligence agencies in the course of this past year to no avail.

    If any brother out there that is currently working in the Intelligence Community and can shed some light on my situation, that would be greatly appreciated. That is, of course, if your cable-tow allows.

    I understand that being a Freemason is not about replying to such requests, but I am in a distressed position. Thanks in advance for your time.

    Fraternally from NC,

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