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Brother George W. Davis

Blake Bowden

Staff Member

George W. Davis arrived with wife Rebecca Warfield Gaston Davis with family of six in the DeWitt Colony from Green Co, Kentucky on March 20, 1831 and according to DeWitt land titles where he received a situation of land on the east bank of the Guadalupe River in DeWitt County north of Cuero. George Washington Davis was deeded four lots in inner Gonzales town, two in block 8 and two in block 12 with a residence in 1836 at the corner of St. Louis and St. John Streets east of the Fort. George Washington Davis and wife Rebecca Warfield owned 6 lots on the San Marcos River and 3 lots on the Guadalupe in the west outer town. Initially the Gonzales cannon was said to be buried in George W. Davis' peach orchard prior to its recovery and use in the confrontation. Stepson John Gaston was said to have served as a lookout on the Guadalupe River reporting movements of Lt. Francisco Castaneda's force which was demanding delivery of the Gonzales cannon from the settlers. John Gaston was a Gonzales Ranger, a member of the Gonzales Relief Force to the Alamo and died there in March 1836. G.W. Davis served Texas in numerous capacities. In February 1835, he was Secretary of the committee to elect delegates from Gonzales to the 3rd Texian Consultation and ended up as a delegate to the convention in San Felipe which was not held until November. He was a signer of the Declaration of the People of Texas which arose out of the convention calling for resistance to Santa Anna's dictatorship and independence of the state of Texas.

Davis was Secretary of the Gonzales Committee of Safety and authored the September appeal for assistance to the Committee in Mina and San Felipe. After the Battle of Gonzales, he served in Capt. John M. Bradley's company at the Battle of Bexar and the Battle of Concepcion. On 1 Dec, Davis was commissioned by provisional governor Smith to appoint Andrew Ponton and Byrd Lockhart judges of the Municipality of Gonzales.On 12 Feb 1836, Davis was discharged from the volunteer army on order of Capt. Mathew Caldwell and on 15 Feb appointed as Capt. Caldwell's subcontractor. Some records indicate that this G.W. Davis served in the Battle of San Jacinto, but this is uncertain due to multiple individuals with the names George Washington Davis in the DeWitt Colony and who participated in activities of the Texas Republican Army. Davis was appointed clerk of the first district court organized in Gonzales in 1838 under Judge James W. Robinson. In 1842, Davis was postmaster of Cuero. Rebecca Warfield Davis died on 29 Dec 1846 and was buried on a bluff overlooking the Guadalupe River. G.W. Davis died 30 Jan 1853. The graves are marked with a Texas historical marker on Highway 183 seven miles north of Cuero about two miles east of the gravesite.

Affiliation: Chireno Masonic Lodge No. 66