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Discussion in 'Sickness and Distress' started by Steve Cumbie, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Steve Cumbie

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    Please pray the hospital just called and said they put my husband on a ventilator.Please pray hard!!!!

    This is a message I got yesterday. I've never meet this Brother before so I made a few calls to some other Brothers come to find out Paul is a PM of Stockyard Lodge in Fort Worth, Texas and from what I was told if you called him for help and he personally could not be there he would make sure somebody showed up and help you out no matter what.

    Brothers please keep Brother Paul & his family in prayers

    These were posted on Facebook: Paul Bales is at Northwest Harris Hospital in Azle, Texas

    Post made by Paul's wife Denisha Bales

    Please pray the hospital just called and said they put my husband on a ventilator.Please pray hard!!!!

    Paul is still unconscious and on a vent. THE DOCTOR has not been very positive about things.please pray. He is at the azle hospital.

    Sorry took me so long to respond.I have been at the hospital since Sunday and just got home. No real change with Paul. He is still on the vent and now has pneumonia.I like the pulmonologist.He had some positive words to say.I really appreciate all the friends who came down today.It is greatly appreciated to know my family has people to support us in this awful time.I want my husband back.

    I am going to bed, I will sleep a little while then go back up to the hospital to relive my mother in law.She and I are taking turns so I may be there at 3 am or later.
    Thank you for prayers. i want my husband home.

    I am upset. They are trying to push Paul out of icu afte 2 days and put him in long term care. OVER MY DEAD BODY. They are gonna have to put out some effort .

    I cant seem to stop crying everything feels like too much.i just want him well and to come home.

  2. Txmason32

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    I heard they are removing the ventilator from Brother Bales about 20 min ago . please lift this Brother up in your prayers
  3. Raymond Walters

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    prayers from here...
  4. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Thoughts and prayers...

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