Brother Rudyard Kipling

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    Once in the east he sat,
    The jewel about his neck;
    And with a hat, he covered his head
    When other heads were bare.

    The brethren came and went
    In answer to his beck;
    And stood and offered up the signs
    To him who wore the square.

    Once like the coursing sun
    He rose up in the east
    And all the brethren rose as one
    As work began or ceased.
    Once he guarded treasure:
    The secrets of the craft-
    The, charter, ritual, ancient work
    By which the craft increased.
    But when the year had closed
    Three steps he did take down;
    Down to the floor to take his place
    Among the brethren there.
    So like his brethren, he;
    Yet somehow different, too;
    For he had sat up in the east
    And he, had worn the square.
    He is a man apart,
    A mason marked for time.
    To him who has with honor served,
    To him must honor be.
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