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    It is with my deepest sympathy that I am writing to let you know about a fallen brother. Brother W.L. Wotipka died in a major car wreck earlier today. Brother Wotipka was a beloved brother to many brothers across the state. He was the Secretary for Brookshire Lodge #1066 and a Past Master of Cypress Lodge #1423. After speaking with his family, his wishes were to be cremated. There will be a memorial service put together for this beloved brother in a couple of weeks that I will send out as soon as I have specific information. Please forward this email to all Masons in your address book as Brother Wotipka knew many brothers that I am sure I do not have addresses for. Please keep his family in your prayers in this difficult time. I will deeply miss this brother as he was an exemplary Mason and friend.

    Chris Ryland
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    Thank you so very much Brother Blake! Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the brethren across this world.

    We had a MM degree Saturday morning at Cypress 1428. Brother W.L. and I sat across the table from each other at the lodge breakfast. Brother W.L. is my masonic hero and again Saturday, as always, I told him so. When I achieved my MM degree I went straight to him and asked where I should then go for more light. He cocked his head to the side, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Jim, I've watched you and you shouldn't waste any time getting into the Scottish Rite." I thanked him that night and every time I saw him since. He could truly read the grade of any man.

    Saturday, as always, Brother W.L. presented the lecture and charges for our MM degree. Most of the 17 or so brothers there listened to our "master" attentively. Everyone at Cypress Lodge knows that Brother W.L. was our sole and moral compass. More than 10 of us attended his latest Golden Trial award banquet in Brookshire lodge not so long ago. He was loved and we are all in shock this morning.

    My lodge monitor is signed by the masters who served in my degree, those who taught me my work, Brother W.L. as having presented all lectures and charges and the Grand Master himself. As I have said, Brother W.L. was more of a hero to me than George Washington could ever be.

    Yesterday morning we discussed a funeral we had attended last year for a dear brother. We had picked up on a few signals from the paster performing the rites that he too was learned in the mysteries. Neither of us had a chance to talk with him at the time. Again, yesterday, we asked if either had been successful in contacting him. It was at that time Brother W.L. informed me that he had presided over the masonic burial rites of 40-plus brethren this year alone. He was hoping it wouldn't be so busy next year.

    We parted yesterday as always on the five points of fellowship. And I again told him of how much he meant to my life and how much I loved him. I can't believe he is gone.

    But I'm only one of the many, many people profoundly touched by the presence of W.L. Wotipka on this earth.

    He will rest in peace after a very well done job among us. His light will shine forever in the hereafter and as long as truth and good reside on this earth. He will be with me always.

    So, while I still have the time.

    God bless you all brethren ... jim

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