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    My Brothers, it is with the most sincere thanks and utmost appreciation that I write this thread. I received a message from Bro Bowden informing me that a Brother who subscribes to this very Forum thought enough of me and my work to make an anonymous donation to upgrade my membership on this Forum. I was HUMBLED as I read Blake's message. I got a little misty eyed, because I thought about how blessed I am to receive that gift from one of my Brothers on the Forum. It really means a lot to me, because I love this Forum very dearly. It has become part of my weekly routine, almost as much as my household chores, or helping Mama care for our children. The more I read, the more I have a desire to write and share what I learn with others.

    The additional LIGHT I have received from this Forum about Prince Hall Masonry, as well as the GLoTx, its Lodges, History, and meeting and establishing Fraternal communications with many of you BECAUSE OF THIS FORUM has given me an entirely broader perspective about this Superstructure and Progressive Science we call FREEmasonry. This Forum has motivated me to read and study EVEN MORE, so I can continue to share the LIGHT I gain with each of my Brothers on this Forum. To the Brother who provided the gift-----you have my most sincere thanks and gratitude. And, I will NOT let you down. I will continue to seek and shine the LIGHT......GOD BLESS YOU.......SO MOTE IT BE..........................
    Bro Vincent C. Jones, Lodge Chaplain
    Bayou City Lodge #228, Prince Hall Affiliation, Free and Accepted Masonry
    Houston, Texas, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas
  2. Blake Bowden

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    No Brother, we thank you for sharing your Light and participating on the forums. The Brother you mentioned felt compelled to make a donation because of the impact you've left on him and others. He requested to remain anonymous, so I must adhere to his wishes, but he is grateful for what you've done and continue to do for the Craft. As Admin of the Site, this is a rare occasion. Just know that we all appreciate your participation and support as you've already impacted the lives of the many Brethren here. On a personal note, it's not about what Jurisdiction we're under, but the Brotherhood and Camaraderie we share. May the Great Architect Bless You.
  3. towerbuilder7

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    Thanks, Brother.......I appreciate it very much.........this Forum is helping to build bridges and lines of communication among Brothers from both Jurisdictions that haven't been crossed. I am happy to be a part of this progression. The progression is encouraging, and reaffirms the faith I have in the Brotherhood at large to continue to strive for what is the Christian and the MASONIC thing to do-----extend a hand of fidelity to a Brother who shares a common bond, and continue to educate one another about each other, so the familiarity can allow the Bond to grow. Vince
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    Bro. Jones I want to echo what Bro. Blake has said. I look forward to reading your posts. You always have a viewpoint to share that enriches my life and provides me more Light. I want to thank you for the contributions you make not only to this site but in my life also. Thanks again Brother.
  5. Spring TX MM

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    You deserve it Brother Vince. I'm glad to know there are selfless and considerate Brothers out there who notice the good deeds of others. Its an example we can all learn from as well as the example you set, Brother. We all do or try to do for others because its the right thing to do and its nice to know when your efforts have helped or inspired others. Even in the short time I've talked with you, I've been repeatedly inspired by your dedication and zeal for Freemasonry. Thank you Brother Vince.

    Most Humbly and Fraternally,
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    Thanks for being on here, Brother. I know I enjoy reading your posts and that I stand to learn something when I see that you have posted
  7. Premium Member

    Agreed! I feel the same way!
  8. towerbuilder7

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    Thanks to all of the Brothers who have submitted posts on this thread, and each of you are very welcome. It is good to know that someone else is benefiting from the LIGHT I seek, ingest, and share with all of you.........Since the day I have been raised, I have enjoyed reading and researching the History and Philosophy of what I consider to be the GREATEST Fraternal Order in the WORLD.......I will continue to do my best, and will remain humble and HUNGRY for further LIGHT........I'm on this journey for LIFE, and will enjoy traveling along with my Brothers on THIS FORUM..........FRATERNALLY, VINCE

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