Bullying and Conflict Resolution Confrence

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    St. James Council K.O.P Bullying and Conflict Resolution Confrence 2/12/2011

    Dr. G.L. White gave so much positive information on the problem bullying. He covered from physical bullying to cyber bullying. There was great interaction between he and the kids. Anytime you can hold teen attention for 3 hours you are on your A game. Thank you so very much Dr. white. Thanks to the parents who brought their boys, Bro. Brian Thomas and his staff from St. Johns Academy, PM Thomas of Derwin Brown Lodge # 599 for bring his boys from Miller Academy for boys. It was a great day. Lets encourage the kids to take this information and put it in action. Thanks to WM Thomas Gaskin and the brothers of St. James Lodge # 4 PHA for allowing us to put this much needed confrence in place.
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    What an important issue to address! Great work Brothers!
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    Role models don't have to use hand signs and beat their chests. They just speak the truth on the square and level.

    If we speak to our youth on the square and level as opposed to talking down to them we will gain their confidence.

    Truly, we reap what we do sow brethren ... we reap what we do sow.
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    Hi bro. Just touchn bases. I have been doing an inventory, on pros and cons dealing with certain avenues in pertaining to where i live. And i was practicing some principles. Thankyou .

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