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    Dear members of the John Robert Clifford Masonic Research Group,

    I have decided to make a few changes in hopes to increase the amount of data research available by encouraging cooperation & collaboration.

    (These changes DO NOT preclude my call for assistance by those of you who are Prince Hall Freemasons)

    I have extended an open WORLDWIDE invite to genealogical researchers (via researcher & Phylaxis Society SUBSCRIBER member Miss Stacey Adger) that are doing research and often run into information of masonic importance, especially important to Prince Hall Freemasonry, the Phylaxis Society and the several programs of the Phylaxis Society, namely the Masonic Sites program.

    Though these researchers run across information, they often don't realize that there is a need for this information by the Phylaxis Society or other Masonic researchers/ writers.

    I AM now asking those genealogical researchers to share any & all information they run across that concerns Black Americans and Freemasonry. We Masonic researchers can determine how important that info may be for current and/ or future research projects.

    This group, though primarily made up of Freemasons, is NOT Masonic. It is for researchers, masonic educators or those that have a general interest in Prince Hall Masonic history, which is Black History in America.

    You will see that there is a mixture of people in the group. Look for additional people to be added.

    I look forward to a continued effort of cooperation.


    Hon. Br. Raymond Sean Walters, FPSH

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