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    hello my name is Wilbert clark and I am 18 eversince I was 13 I have studied and have learned a lot of knowledge about my favorite organization in the world freemasonry and I want to join but its been very hard because when I made it to 18 I became homeless in a homelss shelter and money is tight to non but I just recently started reciveing checks for my disability because I was in accident where my two sisters died and I recive benefits so I will have the money now to pay the fees and I would like to embrace my calling because eversince 13 Ive been hearing thoughts like voices almost and feelings all leading me to freemason and whatever is following me loves freemason it would die for it and will I it said die as Wilbert clark and be reborn as a mason so I will iuf I could how can you help me join brother
  2. ChristopherNance

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    You must find yourself before you enter freemasonry, else the truth might destroy you.

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    Hello, Sir!
    If possible, could you, please, explain a little bit, what do you mean?
    Thank You!
  4. lilhut3579

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    I don't think freemasonry is for you right now. Get your life together first. Get on your feet and give yourself sometime to mature and find yourself as bro Christopher said. After you've done this then try.
  5. acjohnson53

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    Young Fella I don't won't to discourage you on your dream to become a Mason. It seems that you have been through a lot..Freemasonry is not a calling it's a way of life for some of us because we have been doing it for a while. As some of the Brothers said take your time and it will come to you, we're not going any where.
  6. BullDozer Harrell

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    Find work first and enjoy manhood a little bit before making a serious leap into an older man's Fraternity.

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