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    I was looking at the Grand Lodge of Virginia websites and they support the following awards:

    The James Noah Hillman Award, an award based on Lodge Masonic ritual and Masonic education achievements throughout the year;

    The Seymour Jonas Levy Award, an award based on the amount of blood products that are donated and credited to a Lodge throughout the year (this is awarded automatically, based upon the reports submitted through the District Blood Coordinator by the Lodge Blood Coordinator); and,

    The Perfect Ashlar Award, is an award given to recognize outstanding accomplishments of a Virginia Mason, which enhance the image of Freemasonry both in the Lodge and in the community., The recipient cannot be a Past Master and cannot be currently serving in an elected officer's position. Top

    Certificate of Merit:
    Any Virginia Mason may be cited for his work by any Virginia Lodge desiring to recognize him for significant contributions to the effectiveness, well-being, and improvement of Lodge (or district) operations. It is necessary that a resolution be presented to the Lodge setting forth the work which the Brother has done to justify the award and conclude with the statement:

    "Therefore, be it resolved that the Grand Master be requested to authorize a Grand Lodge Certificate of Merit for our Brother."

    After the Lodge has acted on the resolution, the Secretary, under the Seal of the Lodge, certifies the resolution as extracted from the minutes of the communication during which it was adopted and sends it to the Grand Secretary. A fee is charged by the Grand Lodge office, plus Virginia State Sales Tax and postage, for a Certificate of Merit. Top

    Certificate of Appreciation:
    Any Virginia Mason may be cited for his work by any Virginia Lodge desiring to recognize him for significant contributions to the Craft in general. The Lodge Secretary sends the request to the Grand Secretary. A fee is charged by the Grand Lodge office, plus Virginia State Sales Tax and postage, for a Certificate of Appreciation. Top

    Award of Excellence:
    The Award of Excellence may be presented to non-Masons who are outstanding educators, medical personnel, business men, and citizens whose dedication or service in some way sets them apart. Masonically, the award recognizes that sincerity and service are successful wheresoever they may be found.

    Grand Lodge Officers, DDGMs, and subordinate Lodges may recommend that the Award of Excellence be presented to a man or woman whose attributes of character, unselfish service, and outstanding performance serve to uplift the purpose of the Craft.

    Lodges requesting an Award of Excellence will do so in writing and will state the individual's full name and the reasons he or she is to be so honored. Such requests may be forwarded to the Grand Secretary and, when approved by the Grand Master are prepared. The Award of Excellence will be forwarded to the Grand Lodge Officer, DDGM, or subordinate Lodge initiating the request and a proper presentation of the award shall be accordingly arranged. Top

    Community Builders Award:
    This program is designed to recognize and show our appreciation for outstanding community-oriented achievements of non-Masons who reside and work in our cities and towns. There are many hard working, dedicated men and women in our communities who have served others with no expectation of reward. We should continue with renewed vigor to search them out and show them that we are proud of their good works, that we are happy that they are personally instrumental in making/building our communities into a better place for all people to live, work, and play. Care should be taken in the selection of a recipient. No more than two recipients per Lodge per year are allowed.

    Certificates, signed by the Grand Master, are made available to our Lodges. The request form can be found here, and the request must come through the DDGM . Provide a copy of any locally published newspaper articles to the Grand Secretary's office. Top

    Youth Recognition Certificates:
    The Outstanding Youth Award Application is an annual award that recognizes outstanding members of the three youth organizations, DeMolay, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls. The completed application must be submitted no later than APRIL 1, of the current year, or it cannot be considered.

    Certificates of Recognition for Eagle Scouts (boys) and Gold Scouts (girls) are signed by the Grand Master, carry the Seal of the Grand Lodge and are attested by the Grand Secretary. The aim of these certificates is to provide Grand Lodge recognition for the accomplishments of our youth involved in Scouts.

    When you are made aware of any young man becoming an Eagle Scout or any young woman becoming a Gold Scout during the year, please inform your DDGM, who, in turn, should forward to the Grand Secretary the name, address, and troop number of the recipient. It is desired that as many deserving young men and women as possible receive recognition under this Grand Lodge of Virginia program. Allow sufficient time to process the paperwork. Once the paperwork has been processed, a certificate and letter from the Grand Master will be sent to the Lodge and a proper presentation should be arranged. Top

    Other Awards and Certificates:
    Other awards and certificates are available and include: Past Master's Certificate of Service, Proficiency in Catechisms, the Degree Certificate, Gold and Silver ritual proficiency cards, Lodge Instructor's Certificate, Lecture Achievements, Lodge Certificates of Attendance (for 100% elected officer attendance at a Division Leadership Conference). The Past Master's Certificate of Service and the certificate awarded for proficiency in the catechisms should be requested by the Lodge Secretary. The Past Master's Certificate of Service should have the Past Master's name and the year in which he served. The other awards and certificates listed above are handled by the Grand Lecturer, members of the Committee on Work, Grand Provost, members of the Committee on Masonic Education, or the District Educational Officer, as appropriate. Top

    All such requests for awards and certificates must be in writing to the Grand Lodge Office. At least ten (10) business days should be allowed for processing.

    Some of these are pretty good ideas.
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    Be sure to look at what is available from GLoT already. A recent visit to the bookstore at GL was enlightening to say the least. Also look in the Law Book at the forms listed there.

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