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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Blake Bowden, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Blake Bowden

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    The problem with many Masonic Lodges is they no longer teach Freemasonry. The majority of Lodges are nothing but bill paying ceremonies. Education is nice, but is it taught DURING Lodge? Also, Junior Wardens, how many times do you read the laws?

    Wardens, why not try something unusual? During a dead spot at a meeting, rap the Brethren up for the sole purpose of standing up to stretch. You have that POWER! LOL! Why not, just for kicks? Talk about raising eyebrows, why not? Throw the Lodge off, throw the Officers off!

    Why not host a District Easter Egg hunt? Why not host a BBQ cook off against surrounding Lodges? Why not host a District Family Day when Lodges contribute to rent water slides or bouncy houses for the kids? Why not host a Super Bowl Party? It doesn't have to be at the Lodge, but a Brothers home. Why make Masonry monotonous? Take the ideas Brethren and utilize them and come up with your own!

    Do you want to know what's killing Freemasonry? There's no bond. We're a group of good men, who meet every so often, then have nothing else to do with each other. That won't bring Masonry back. To those new W.M. and S.W. Elects, in a matter of days/weeks the Lodge WILL be yours. Lead it, bond the Brethren and most importantly, have FUN! - blake/wm gonzales 30 af & am
  2. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    I couldn't agree more. We have that problem at our Lodge and there are a few of us that work working on changing that. We are starting a potluck dinner night once a month so that the new members can get to know everyone and also after dinner we will go to the Lodgeroom to practice for degrees, do cat lecture, refreshment, or any other things that we see where improvement is needed. Also, during the dinner we will have discussions of Masonic topics and actual Masonic learning happening. There are some of us into the research of things dealing with Masonry so we will have discussions regarding that also. It isn't a huge step in any sense but for our Lodge it is. I am just glad to see that it wasn't just a couple of us younger guys that wanted it. One of our big supporters for changes is 50+ year member and wants the "old days" back as he put it the other day.

    I like your ideas and may try to get some of these planned out. Thanks Bro. Blake.
  3. Brother Mark

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    I like your ideas. Been thinking about hosting a bowling tournament against the lodges in the district. Maybe make a softball game for the younger guys.
  4. Michaelstedman81

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    I agree totally about the education thing. One Lodge that I have been a member of had regular papers presented during the meetings. That was something that I really enjoyed. I am the incoming JW this coming Masonic year, and I have already discussed with a few Brothers and the other incoming Lodge officers about trying to get our lodge into (or back into) the habit of doing something like that regularly. Thankfully, the incoming WM is REALLY positive about that kind of things. Everyone else I have talked to about it is pretty positive about having more education brought to them, but they either don't have the time to put in the extra work to research or type something up or there is some other reason. It's all good though. I think we have enough Brothers that are able to dive more into the education stuff to have something for the Lodge to give to its members other than bill paying ceremonies, which I think will get more interest in other Brothers providing education.

    As for the laws, our incoming WM brought up that a long time ago that is something that his WM did with him when he was in the South. He asked me if I would be up for at every Stated meeting having me look up something in the lawbook and read it to the Lodge. Just to give me practice, AND also be part of a bit of educating the Brothers on stuff. Lol needless to say, I told him I'm game haha

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