Charge from 1767

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    A short CHARGE, delivered to Brother WILLIAM WINSTON,
    on his being invested and installed Right Worshipful Master
    of the Palladian Lodge of FREE and ACCEPTED MASONS,
    in the City of HEREFORD, on the Festival of St. JOHN the
    Evangelist, A.L. 5767; A. D. 1767.


    Right Worshipful SIR,

    BY the unanimous voice of the members of this lodge, you
    are elected to the Mastership thereof for the ensuing half-
    year; and I have the happiness of being deputed to invest
    you with this ensign of your office: Be it ever in your
    thoughts, that the antients particularly held this symbol to be
    a just, a striking emblem of the Divinity. They said, the gods,
    who are the authors of every thing established in wisdom,
    strength, and beauty, were properly represented by this
    figure. * May you, worthy Brother, not only consider it as a
    mark of honour in this assembly, but also, let it ever remind
    you of your duty both to God and man. And as you profess
    the Sacred Volume to be your spiritual tressel board, may
    you make it your particular care to square your life and
    conversation according to the rules and designs laid down

    You have been of too long standing, and are too good a
    member of our community, to require now any information in
    the duty of your office. What you have seen praiseworthy in
    others, we doubt not you will imitate; and what you have
    seen defective, you will in yourself amend.

    We have therefore the greatest reason to expect you will be
    constant and regular in your attendance on the lodge, faithful
    and diligent in the discharge of your duty: And that you will
    make the honour of the Supreme Architect of the universe,
    and the good of the Craft, chief objects of your regard.

    We likewise trust you will pay a punctual attention to the
    laws and regulations of this society, as more particularly
    becoming your present station; and that you will at the same
    time require a due obedience to them, from every other
    member, well knowing that without this the best of laws
    become useless.

    For a pattern of imitation, consider the great luminary of
    nature, which, rising in the east, regularly diffuses light and
    lustre to all within its circle. In like manner it is your province,
    with due decorum, to spread and communicate light and
    instruction to the brethren in the lodge.

    From the knowledge we already have of your zeal and
    abilities, we rest assured you will discharge the duties of this
    important station in such a manner, as will greatly redound to
    the honour of yourself, as well as of those members over
    whom you are elected to preside.

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