"Charlie is My Brother"

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    This is my one other... finished... Masonic poem. It was the evening of 18 February 1998. I received a telephone call telling me that Charlie Groves, one of our Past Masters, had inoperable and terminal cancer. You have to understand. Charlie was the man whose favorite job in the lodge was being the first to greet a new face at the door. He greeted me so. I had never met such a Christlike man. He was a man I wished my father would have emulated. I sat looking at my journal... and this emerged.

    I was able to recite it to him at his last visit to the lodge. I think he was pleased.

    PM Smithfield 455

    "Charlie is My Brother"
    by David Terrell
    Dedicated to Brother Charles R. Groves
    Past Master, Recipient of the Golden Trowel Award
    (Born: December 11, 1920 -- Died: April 16, 1998)

    Charlie is my Brother. He has marked a path for me.
    And ahead of him, leading us both, is the "Man from Galilee."
    The lessons Charlie taught me, by his actions and his deeds,
    I take upon myself, in brotherhood, and promise his examples I'll heed.
    None will ever leave my Lodge without my cheerful smile.
    Never will passions unbridled flare, without my reconcile.
    Never will a Brother find himself with no sweet sympathy.
    Never will a Brother lie alone in lonely infirmary.
    Never will a Brother's pain go unremarked in prayer,
    For I pledge to kneel before my God and plead for His Holy care.
    None will ever leave my Lodge, when I sit in the Orient fair,
    But he will hear from me, the pleasure I had, in his being there.
    Thus do I pledge to honor this man who's taught so much to me.
    This dear, sweet Brother, who's leading us all, to the "Man from Galilee."
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    Very nicely worded Brother.
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    This is a piece that I can relate to thanks for sharing it with us my brother.
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    Thanks! That's a beautiful piece of work!
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    Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing! It's great that you had a role model both in life and Masonry that has touched you so deeply. It's a wonderful thing to have in life. Cherish those memories.

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