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Cipher books

Roy Vance

Premium Member
It's fine and great outside of the Lodge property. I will caution you though, what is recorded in the cypher is not 100% correct even being a "TX Edition". It is absolutely no substitution for the traditional learning process, and may further lead to incorrect floor work.

And as far as TX is concerned, illegal to possess or use while at Lodge and more especially to "teach" from anywhere in the State.

You are absolutely correct about that one, Br. Stewart. I have heard that, if found on Lodge property in your possession, it could possibly cost the lodge its Charter. That would not be good. I can think of many, many other things that I would rather be responsible for, just not getting the Charter jerked. Besides, if you are on lodge property, surely, there is a Brother that can help you if there is a problem with the floor work or with a proficiency. Just sayin'.


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Actually, in Texas, it was legalized back in 2008. they may've reversed the decision since then but to my knowledge it's still legal for personal practice AT HOME, but NOT allowed in Lodge under any circumstance.


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OK cipher key should only be in hands of a Master Mason. Texas esoteric work is slightly different so you run the risk of learning it wrong for Texas.