Completed my FellowCraft proficiency!

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by Ed Nelson, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Ed Nelson

    Ed Nelson Registered User

    Tuesday night, I met with my local lodge and performed my FellowCraft proficiency.

    It went well, with only 2 small stumbles in the memorization. Not as clean as my EA proficiency (which I nailed), but everyone was pleased, so I can't beat myself up too bad :)

    I was told that my 3rd degree should be in a few weeks...can't wait!!

    I did make a sad observation on my lodge, though...while I was waiting with the Tyler, I was told the lodge was having Officer elections that night, and that they had a "pretty good turn out" for the elections. There were only nine (9) of the 90+ members present. I found that pretty disappointing. I knew the lodge I was joining was small (we are a rural, agricultural town with a population of 7000), but it seems sad that they can get excited to see 9 out of 90 for elections (and a new member's proficiency).

    I'm very much looking forward to attending the meetings as a Master Mason. To date, I have only been in the lodge 4 times (EA degree, EA proficiency, FC degree, FC proficiency), and am especially looking forward to attending the degrees of other Masons (which is very rare, so I will have to travel to another lodge to see them).
  2. Bro. Brad Marrs

    Bro. Brad Marrs Premium Member

    Congratulations on your proficiency! Don't get bummed out. You've got to find a reason to make men want to come to Lodge. Your enthusiasm will be contagious. Good luck!
  3. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    Indeed congrats on your proficiency. Bro. Brad is right. Don't let it get you down. If you show enthusiasm then others will see it and it will spread. Once you are raised and start attending meetings make suggestions to help bring about the change. The biggest problem I always see is people want change but few are willing to be the catalyst for it.
  4. CTx Mason

    CTx Mason Registered User

    One thing that my lodge has done is scheduled study sessions twice a week regularly for all three degrees. We have a few Brother MMs that show on a regular basis to help out, and as I saw just these few all the time teaching, I made the effort to learn the Q&A for all three degrees to help relieve the burden on them as well as build relationships with the new Brothers that are the future life of the lodge. There are a lot of things like this that can be done, especially with all the movies and books recently speculating about Masonry.

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