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    Maybe this would be better placed in the Appendant Bodies section. I am curious about traveling. If, for example, a Master from the US traveled to England, he could visit a regular blue lodge.

    But how would this work for lodges of the Appendant bodies? If, say, a 32 degree SR mason from the NMJ visited, would he be accepted as 32 in a SR lodge in England? I know that different jurisdictions, especially across national boundaries structure their Appendant bodies differently. Just curious if any have some knowledge or experience if this type of scenario?
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    I believe that it depends on the appendant body and on the country. I am fairly certain that if I went to England I could sit in a Mark Lodge or a Royal Arch Chapter, but I don't know of I'd be welcome in the Order of the Temple there. No blanket rules.
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    I'm joining the York Rite and this is an interesting question for me also.
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    If you are traveling you can check the websites for the bodies you may want to visit. Look for either "Contact Us" or the secretary (equivalent) and send an email enquiring about their recognition requirements. You should also make sure your home Grand Lodge recognizes them as well. That would be one way I'd think you can do it. A little research goes a long way.
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    Sounds like a good plan.
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    Yes, you would be welcome. You do need to make sure it is not an unrecognized body. That is a particular problem in some areas.
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    The thing to understand about coming to England is that the Appendant Bodies are quite separate and disticnt from Craft (note that we do not use the term "blue") Lodges.

    To visit a Lodge here you need to carry convincing proofs of your status as a Master Mason (usually supplied on application to your Grand Secretary) or personally be known to one of the members who will vouch for your character and status. Be aware that most Lodges here do not carry spare regalia as a MM buys his own Apron here. The Royal Arch is the only Appendant Order closely associated with the Craft, this is because it was worked by the Antient Grand Lodge and at the Union was felt to be important enough to retain in the new Union.

    Visiting units in other Orders is more complicated as we do not have the Scottish Rite, although we do have our own Christian version called the Ancient & Accepted Rite ( nicknamed "Rose Croix". We also do not have a system called the York Rite although most of the degrees are worked but individually not in a system, many are allied to and share management with the GL of MMM (
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    For visiting lodges working the Swedish Rite degrees SR 32nd and YR 14th should usually get you into 8th degree.
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