Confessions of a Pin Collector

Discussion in 'Your Masonic Story' started by BroBill, Jul 18, 2016.

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    I admit it, I am an unashamed "pin collector". Then again, I am a collector by nature- military miniatures, musical instrument miniatures, patches, books (oh yes, hundreds of masonic books), and so many things I no longer keep track.

    But "masonic pins" are the subject of my confession. I love a good pin, medallion, tie chain, bolo, decal, and coin. I should explain however, there is a reason for my pin obsession; different from all of my collections there is a purpose for my pins.

    When I go to an event (meeting, conference, retreat, festival, reunion, picnic, whatever), I pick two or three pins according to who I expect my fellow attendees to be and never more than two or three or I defeat my own purpose. What is that purpose? Pins can be a good conversation starter, and they just might grab the eye of a fellow traveler searching a new path on his journey.

    It usually starts with the question "can I ask you about that pin?" while pointing at one of the days featured pins. Then a conversation and maybe a new idea for a brother. A new organization, a new degree, or maybe he was just a fellow pin collector, always on the look out for new masonic trinkets. At a minimum, another friendly conversation with a brother.

    Yes, I am a pin collector. And I make my pins work for me. And I do love me some masonic bling.
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    I'm with you brother. I brought a "Forget me not" pin recently.

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  4. Bloke

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    I wear them and hence people give them to me, and I always have one in my case to give away. An unexpected pin is a great masonic gift, especially when you are the giver rather than receiver...
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    I've been an MM for less that two years and I have gotten probably two dozen pins without even trying. It seem like half the places that I go (visiting other lodges, various functions) someone is giving out pins and some of them are very nice indeed.
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