Could mutually recognition of GL's be coming to Fl.?

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    Hope it works out. As the article mentioned some states did recognition first and later approved visitation. This is the way it was done here in Kentucky. Recognition came in 2011, visitation in 2016.
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    A step forward is a step forward. Good stuff.

    It's not over until any sort of terms are dropped. Full traditional recognition without the need for treaties or agreements.

    When the Grand Lodge of Lithuania organized they sent an officer around the circuit of jurisdictions requesting recognition. The vast majority of grand lodges voted yes. No treaty. No terms. No details. Just a regular yes vote to add a jurisdiction to the list of jurisdictions recognized. Until that happens with PHA it's not over. Every step is good but never take your eyes off that the actual end game is what I described about Lithuanian or large numbers of other jurisdictions.

    I picked Lithuania because I remember that from one of my trips to Annual Communication when I lived in Illinois. Not because Lithuania is unusual but rather because their recognition process WAS usual. That needs to be the goal. In your jurisdictions are there any remaining terms or limitations? Think about putting forward legislation to drop those terms and switch to full and traditional recognition without any such terms or limitations.
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