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    We have four valleys in Kentucky. It used to be that if you wanted to join a particular valley you would have to wait until the next reunion of that valley. For example; the Valley of Louisville puts on a reunion twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. If someone wanted to join this valley they would have to go through one of these reunions. However, now if a Brother wants to join the Valley of Louisville but one of the other three valleys are having a reunion sooner that valley will put our candidate through as a courtesy. The Valley of Louisville will do the same with candidates for the other three valleys. Hopefully this will cut down on waiting periods between petition and going through the reunion.
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    We have folks from NV and ID come to Utah.
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    I'm glad you've got that going now. We've sent people up to Minneapolis for a weekend reunion or just one degree when they couldn't make one of the dates when we put on the obligatory degrees. Masons from southwest Minnesota have gone over to Sioux Falls SD for a reunion.
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