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    I am not yet a Mason though I was given an application for degrees by the local Master Mason in the county. I am contemplating whether to submit it because I still don't know what Masonry is about. I also don't want to do my own investigation because, for one, it is extremely rare that I believe anything I read or hear unless it comes directly from a Mason.

    I wonder what the metaphor involved in craft refers to. Metaphors have a domain and range, and the domain of the metaphor I often see on Masonry involves using various tools to enact, i.e. craft, the designs of the architect.

    Yet I am unsure of the range, i.e., what these words are actually referring to.

    The Master Mason explained that the only secrets involved how Masons ritualistically prove to one another that they are Masons, meaning in part that they have paid their dues to the Lodge. Would you agree?

    I just have a lot of distrust joining a group with that much secrecy. Despite the long history and age of Masonry, I am paranoid of something some might consider to be cult-like operations. With the secrecy, I am not sure what I would be getting into.

    But if what craft, tools, stones, plans, etc., refer to are secrets, that might help me decide to submit my application for degrees.

    I often sense that some Masonic notions go beyond ritual and have a mystical, transcendental power. Is there more to Masonry than fellowship and rituals, and, if not secret, what can be made public about what lies behind the fellowship and rituals?
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    Did you request a petition? If not, this is HIGHLY unusual-what do you mean "Master Mason in the county"?
    The biggest secret in Freemasonry-are you ready?



    I have been a Master Mason (the highest degree) for over 21 years now.

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    Have you read Freemasonry for Dummies or Idiots Guide to Freemasonry?

    A cult usually implies you cannot leave. You can leave Freemasonry at any point.

    Freemasonry does not teach a path of salvation. In the US you find masons of every organised religion, and no religion at all. There are any number of Christian ministers who are members. That would not denote a cult.

    Yes, the tools do have application in our daily life. They remind us how to behave, in short. They teach us to square our actions, to limit our passions, to properly divide our time, to improve ourselves.

    By all means, do not join unless you are comfortable.
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    Oh, that very much depends on the jurisdiction.
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    Totally agree. This answers your questions very well. I have nothing to add.
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    There are many paths of reflection and study, but most are left up to the individuals choice.

    I would refer you to what Brother Cook has already stated in this thread. He is a highly valued and trusted source of knowledge.
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    Please do not petition. We are entirely based on trust. Our degrees are ceremonies of mutual adoption where we adopt you into our family and you adopt us into your family. If you distrust us you are not worthy to be adopted into our family.

    In fact the first act in lodge is to put yourself into the hands of friends who you trust to take care of you, knowing they did that exact same act of trust when they first stepped into lodge. Trust in ourselves. Trust in each other. Trust in God. All of these are crucial each building towards the next. If you can't step out in faith in us personally as your friends you should not ask us to step out in faith in you to become a member of our adopted family.

    Feel free to reevaluate at a later date but right now the fact that you don't consider us worthy of trust means you yourself are not worthy of being trusted. And right now that's a deal breaking incompatibility.

    Read and study as you wish but for some people no amount of learning matters. One of the reasons we keep secrets is to know who will trust us and who can be trusted. While it's true that variations of the scripts of our degrees have been exposed and can be found, they were released by those not worthy of being trusted. And looking them up is the act of a person not worthy of being trusted.

    When or if you decide that we are worthy of trust, only then will you being worthy of being trusted.
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    Very well said Brother.
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    This is very interesting to me. I just want to tag/follow up with any update to this topic of discussion/conversation.
    Have a nice day!
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    I see Freemasonry as a philosophy focused on two things, self improvement (not self advancement) and treating those around you well.

    It values integrity and acting honourably and being the best person you can be.

    If those values attract, you should continue considering become a Freemason.

    The next questions are around if you qualify. These qualifications might vary but essentially are
    Are you a good man looking to be better ?
    Are you over 18 years of age (21 in some places) ?
    Have a belief in a Supreme Being (a masonic way of asking do you believe in God) ?
    Clear of criminal convictions ?
    Able to afford it (ask your local lodge, but most men are surprised the fees are so low).
    Then check out any other local qualifications. (these are likely things like providing references as to your good character etc).

    I became a Freemason 15 years ago. Proposed by someone I really trusted and respected, I also found out others close to me were Freemasons before I joined and that gave me a level of comfort sufficient to join. However, I promised myself this, if I ever say something in the rituals of Freemasonry I did not like, I would walk straight out of the lodgeroom. Fifteen years on, a Past Master three times, I am still there. In two lodges, loving them, working on myself, the fraternal and ceremonial aspect.

    Joining will require a leap of faith. You're questions are good, but really cannot be answered until you experience the Craft for yourself and you will develop personal answers to them from your personal understanding and experience
    Superficially, I would agree.

    However I would also answer that the lessons of Freemasonry are not immediately accessible and that much of it is esoteric in nature. You will not understand them unless you first join and only build a deeper understanding of them via contemplation and study. I do not think you will get the comfort you are looking for via asking questions on the internet, because even those who will take the time to speak to you about them, will find you have no real context for what you and they are saying.

    Again, I say you are looking for comfort. Part of the initiation is being uncomfortable and plunging into the unknown, harder than if you have a close trusted friend supporting you, but just think of this; many good men have proposed their son's into Freemasonry, if a loving father and good man encourages his son into Freemasonry, a man encourages his best man into Freemasonry, and these men are all diverse, of different faiths, political persuasions, economic positions, social and ethnic traditions and many stay, those who do not, only a small loon percentage of them use the word "Cult", those that leave tend to talk about being bored, not having the experience they expected, being time poor (I am, but I make time for Freemasonry) or seeing disharmony or not getting value for money. They are not the objections of those leaving a Cult and the youtubers talking about Regular Freemasonry as some sort of Satanic Cult simply have no credibility in my eyes and I would imagine the same of the Freemasons here.

    The only question is, do you want join, and if you think joining is a risk, are you willing to take the "risk" for a chance to join our Masonic Community, knowing the variance and merit of so many famous men who not only joined, but remained a member until their death.

    Do you have the faith and character to take a chance in becoming a Freemason ?

    Questions are good - but put them to the guys who gave you the petition, they will have specific answers like if they have an education program. run socials, how much it costs, if charity is a focus for them, if they run a happy and harmonious lodge ?

    Best of luck.

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    Secrets? We have secrets? Was anyone gonna tell me ? Lmao! !!!!!! No, really.
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    I don't understand why you would be pursuing membership of an organisation that you know nothing about and, in fact, appear to hold misgivings about? Please do tell why you want to join?
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