Crafted for a Fellowcraft

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    By: Kevin Noel Olson

    Tonight, your ongoing journey continues.
    You've been informed of your revenue.
    You've tread up the steps with your feet.
    At the end it is a King you will meet.

    You have traveled far, yet we propose,
    To learn and desire more we suppose.
    You know what is meant by the G,
    And what moves through the night that we see.

    Though we say that your journey is unfinished,
    Look back now on all you've accomplished.
    The foundation is laid for the Temple,
    And the walls will rise with a steeple.

    We do not presume of your heart,
    To know what you'll do with the arts.
    Just that you'll hold fast to what thus far you swear,
    And with pride and steadfastness these virtues to wear.

    These lessons are long as the day,
    When the sun holds the world in it's sway.
    Contemplate, my Brother, the teachings.
    They serve to guide all those seeking.

    When prepared, you'll come to the altar,
    There to receive the degree and not falter.
    And on that bright day you'll be ready,
    To walk forward, upright, feet steady.

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