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    Guy's I feel terrible. I got an anonomys call that there was under age drinking in my city. We are a very small town and only one officer on at a time. I go to the residence and observe two girls running into the residence. I get out and in a small town you know everybody, so I ask the remaining two girls standing there who ran into the apartment. They lie and tell me they don't know. There are four beers sitting on several vehicles. i ask whose beer. The only one of age states that they are hers. So far I've been lied to several times. "I HATE LIERS"!!!!!! So I have a Deputy watch the two outside and go beat on the door of the apartment. Now, just to clarify, I recognize one of the vehicles there as my 17 year old daughters, who lives with my exwife. So at this point I'm pretty furious. My daughter comes to the front door and I recognize her as being one that ran. I can smell the alcohol on her breath. She asks me very sarcasticaly what I want and that she was sleeping. Needless to say I ripped her a new ass. I then got the other girl out of the apartment as well. To make along story short, the 3 underage girls were written tickets for Minor in Consumption of Alcohol. One of which being my daughter. So there you have it. Good day gone bad.

    Sorry about the rant guys I just needed to vent to those who will listen.

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    woah. hopefully that goes okay for you...
  3. C. Banks Barbee

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    I'm sorry you had to write the ticket, but I hope all turns out well.
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    Its refreshing to see a parent that stands up to their children and won't lie for them. My wife is a teacher and I am on the school board, and as far as we see, it is rare that a parent does not take the child's side and back up the kids lie to keep them out of trouble.

    BTW, your kid will be better for it.
  5. ljlinson1206

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    Thanks for all your support guys. I knew my Brothers would oick me up and have my back.
  6. Bill Lins

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    Back on graduation night in 1979, while on patrol on US 59 just south of El Campo, I met another vehicle that was southbound in the northbound lanes at the top of an overpass. (For those familiar with the area, it was at the Rice Belt dryer.)

    Thankfully, we were able to avoid hitting each other. I turned around on him & got him stopped a couple of miles down the freeway. He was the freshly-graduated son of a brother deputy. I called his dad, who was also working that night. He packed his boy up & took him home. He was so embarrassed by what his son had done that, the following Monday, he went to the sheriff to turn in his badge. Our sheriff refused to accept his resignation- said he wasn't about to lose a good officer just because his kid made a dumb mistake. Two good men, there.

    Kids will be kids- it's not a reflection on you. Take care.

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