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    Well, I'm now back from my holiday and all I can say is WOW. I love the USA, having been a few times now, but this was the first time I visited since becoming a Brother. I had planned to visit 2 lodges but had to cancel one of those as our son bought us tours of DC as a surprise, so I'll get that one on my next visit.

    A fantastic evening at Federal Lodge No. 1 in DC, warmly welcomed, tested and proved. It was great to see how the lodge works and to meet with quite a few prospective candidates that were welcomed in to the lodge after we had opened so they could ask questions about freemasonry and how or even why we had chosen the path. Then on to drinks at a local Irish pub with the Brethren and even a lift home as one of the brothers just happened to live a couple of miles from my hotel.

    Then there was the Herndon Lodge No.264 Festive Board, celebrating 50 years in their lodge building. A great afternoon spent listening to historic masonic music and enjoying some fine food and of course a glass or 3 of ale, as well as some damned good company. We also managed to raise some money for Masonic Homes VA and a local school band in the proceeds.
    Herndon 264.jpg
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    Tiled lodge?
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    The Lodge was opened and then recessed once business had been dealt with. The prospective candidates were brought in during the recess for a Q & A session and then left before the Lodge resumed.

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    Nice govt' tartan trewes as well!

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    Great picture! Glenlivet...............my favorite!

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