Death Metal Mason? you betcha.

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  1. Bro. Christopher Dawson

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    I had always considered myself a good person, despite shortcomings. Dave Householder from Sugarland 1141 can attest to some of those shortcomings. :thumbup:

    I am an Eagle Scout (and a member of the Order of the Arrow) and spent the majority of my teens involved in one service project or another. When I wasn't in service, or with my girlfriends, I was playing death metal in one band or another (and I still do).

    After meeting my wife at 19 and really getting to know her family, I learned that her paternal and maternal grandfathers were both 32° Masons (there is a rumor her paternal grandfather was a 33°).

    Over the years, I noticed things around his house (S&C's, the G, etc...) that piqued my interest. Also, when preparing to move from Houston to Austin, he let us stay in his home while he was on vacation and only asked that we feed the fish and keep the lawn mowed. If not for his help, I don't know how we would have made it to Austin (especially when I was making 8 bucks an hour). It was during this time my wife told me he was a Freemason.

    Anyway we moved to Austin and after talking with my wife, I gave him a call to talk about Masonry. I told him that I admired who he was and was inspired to become a Freemason myself.

    More importantly, my relationship with my dad isn't so great and, just having had a baby, I didn't have the guidance I thought I needed to be a good man, husband, and father. I wanted to be better because my new family deserved it and I heard that Masonry makes good men better.

    A few phone calls and research led me to my home lodge at Onion Creek #220. Just one year later, I had been raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason and was appointed our newsletter editor and Lodge Musician.

    Since that time, I've made some great friends and have experienced quite a bit (the coolest being an officer's installation for Alamo Lodge in the Shrine of the Alamo). *Since this post I have also had the honor of seeing one of our Brethren raised on the floor of the Texas Senate.* Now that I have begun learning about Masonry, I am trying to shift my focus to learning about the Brethren who share the Lodge with me. Forming social relationships has always been a challenge but, if I am going to improve myself in Masonry, I gotta start somewhere.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.
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  2. Blake Bowden

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    Great post Brother Dawson! Thank you for sharing your experience in Masonry!
  3. Ben Rodriguez

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    I am a death metal fanatic myself, as well as other sub genres. Nice story brother, thank you for sharing!

  4. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Bro. Christopher Dawson Registered User

    Always good to hear from a person with good taste in music!
    I'm into a lot of the sub-genres, too. Gotten into Doom during the last year.
    Anyway, you should keep in touch!

    I've got a band up on Myspace. If you're interested, I can send you the Myspace address.
  5. rhitland

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    great post brother, just fantastic to see the curves of life leading to light.

    Gotta make me a visit to Onion Creek that is for sure.
  6. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    feel free to post it in this thread or the off topic forums.
  7. Bro. Christopher Dawson

    Bro. Christopher Dawson Registered User

    We have a nice Lodge. Don't get me wrong: I have visited some impressive Lodges with even more impressive Lodgerooms, but there is something really special about OCL. Of course, my opinion is slightly biased. ;)
  8. Bro. Christopher Dawson

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    Antero Sleeps
    (Click on the name above)

    We have a couple of sound files that you can listen to but it isn't recent. The subject matter surrounding the music and lyrics are based on a series of short stories that I've written (I am no Asimov, though). We are also on Facebook (there is a Facebook link on our Myspace page).

    Thanks to anyone who is interested.
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  9. Ben Rodriguez

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    Please send me the myspace on a private message, I am a musician myself, just haven't had a chance to pick up my 7 string lately :-(
  10. dhouseholder

    dhouseholder Registered User

    And you could mine as well, we both grew up at some point. But for all the shortcomings we may have had, the mark of a good person is doing the right thing, even if it the right thing hasn't always been done.

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