Death of Honorable Nelson King

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    I received word this morning that Honorable Nelson King has passed away peacefully in his sleep. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

    Just an update.

    There will be a visitation on Friday August 19, 2011 between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at Ogden Funeral Homes 4164 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough On M1S 1T3 There will also be a Masonic service and memorial reception on Saturday August 20, 2011 starting at 2:00 pm at Ogden Funeral Homes 4164 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough On M1S 1T3 There will be a notice posted in the Toronto Star on Thursday August
    18 and Friday August 19
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    From a friend and brother: (posted with his permission)

    Bro. Nelson King: Saluting a life of integrity

    Good morning Masonic family,

    I honestly needed a minute to think about what I want to say about our friend and brother M.W. Bro Nelson King (Hon.).

    Simply put, he often took the road of deeply-held conviction for what was right without regard to cost to himself.

    Bro. King's zeal was not for the faint. If you either joined him or opposed him in his point of view, nothing less than your best was expected.

    He had an enormous wealth of unselfishness towards many around him with but one condition--never to speak of the specifics of his aid to you or others--the true mark of a Freemason.

    He detested the "isms" that plagued society generally and freemasonry in particular and made sure the titled and untitled heard him early and often on as much. He was way ahead of many who had the power to change the unflattering aspects of freemasonry which made them scared of him--some even subjecting Bro. King to derision. He didn't care much for rewards, but some in the fraternity saw fit to honor him with an honorary Grand Master's title--a tribute primarily to his brave heart focus on ridding our gentle craft of racism.

    When you really take an honest look at Bro. Nelson King's life and not his tactics you knew he was right more often than not and should be saluted for as much. If there was a crime--it was that he cared too much and was incensed when he saw that others didn't join him with the same passion to correct that which in his view was wrong.

    For his unapologetic pressing of the truth as he saw it Freemasonry progressed, humanity benefited and he
    lived respected and dies regretted.

    The column is broken. The ringlets counted. Rest well my friend and brother. We will see you in the celestial lodge above in the Great Architects time.


    Bro. Jeff Ballou, PM
    Social Lodge No. 1
    MW Prince Hall GL of Washington, D.C.

    So mote it be!
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    I enjoyed reading your comments about Br. King. Thank you. And in response to your latin quotation, I agree that Br. King didn't cut corners when it came to the work he did.

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