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    I am not a Demolay but am a MM. My son has expressed some interest in joining when he is 12(hes 10 now) As I am not a Demolay I am somewhat confused on the structure. I know that it is overseen by MMs but that's all I know. Can some one explain to me the officer structure of a Demolay lodge in reference to a MM lodge...IE officer A is the equivelant of the WM ect ect. and what role the "Dads" play at the local level on up....thanks.
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    Each Chapter has four elected officers- the Master Councilor, the Senior Councilor, the Junior Councilor and the Treasurer - who must work together to make the Chapter successful. The first three are elected by the Chapter members for a term, usually six months, as stated in the Chapter's bylaws. The Treasurer is elected at the last election of the DeMolay year, and shall serve for the ensuing DeMolay year. The Scribe is appointed by the Advisory Council. The Master Councilor appoints the remaining 18 officers who serve at his pleasure. These appointed officers are: Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Steward, Junior Steward, Chaplain, Almoner, Marshal, Standard Bearer, Orator, Seven Preceptors, Sentinel, Organist (optional)

    Master Councilor = Worshipful Master
    Senior Councilor = Senior Warden
    Junior Councilor = Junior Warden
    Sentinel = Tyler
    Scribe = Secretary

    A great resource for all things DeMolay is the leadership resource guide which you can find here.

    For the most part the "Dads" in our local Chapter try to stay hands off unless asked for advice. They come to meetings and events to supervise but mostly we want the boys to be self sufficient. They make mistakes from time to time and they learn from them. There have been a handful of times where the advisors have stepped in and suggested a better way to approach a problem or reminded them of an upcoming Obligatory day they have overlooked, but for the most part it is amazing to just stand back and watch the boys do their thing.
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    what are the names of the positions that the DADs hold?
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    There are really 2 major positions on an advisory board. That of the Council Chairman (who runs the advisory council), and the Chapter Advisor (The main "Counselor" to the Chapter members). Other advisory board members can be added on depending on the size of the chapter, such as membership, ritual, athletics
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