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    I am a fc and I have been blackballed numerous times as I try to advance in freemasonry. So I've decided to pursue denouncing my ea and fc so I can start fresh in masonry.

    Things happen and no one seems to know more about the black balling. Starting fresh would be a good idea and any input on the new change would be appreciated.
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    Wow, such a strong subject title that seems not to match the message...

    Some advice?

    On any petition you may fill out, do not omit the fact that you were initiated and passed. Once these benchmarks have been made there is no "denouncing" them. If you give a misleading answer that will be the end!

    Good luck on your journey and may G_d bless.
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  3. Michael Hatley

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    My advice to you so far has been mediocre at best - but I'll take one last stab.

    Fix stuff with your home lodge. Even if it takes a good long while, and you can't do it now.

    Having it hanging out there in any way is the wrong way to go about this masonry business, in my opinion. Find a way to make it right with those fellas. Take the high road. Wait till you can travel back there in person to do so if you have to. Don't write it off. Go the extra mile and fix it for well and true.

    It would be a shame to get a decade or so into things and have that come back to haunt you, and this is an organization where everything revolves around doing things the right way.
  4. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    Both of these Brethren offer sound advice.

    The decision is yours to do as you choose to do, but if you want to persue Masonry in the future you'd better take the moral high ground and not burn any bridges that you may need to cross back over. The Masonic fraternity is large, but not so large as to overlook intentional poor judgement.

    Good Luck in your endeavors!!
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    I don't understand this business about denouncing to start over. When you take your EA and your FC you take an obligation and make a promise to yourself and to God. You don't get "do-overs" with that, there is no reset button. There is no way to take that away from you and there is no way for you to give it back. You either are, or are not...there is no such thing as demotion and if you were raised and passed then that is that....if you don't know what that means, then maybe you should re-think whether or not you actually were raised and passed. I don't know you or your situation personally but it seems to me that if you really need sound advice and can not get this advice through your mother lodge, then you need to reach out to your Grand Lodge and advise them as to what is going on. If your lodge will not answer your questions, rest assured a just and lawfully constituted lodge WILL answer the inquiries of their Grand Lodge. From reading your many posts on the topic I wonder if the lodge is even a regular lodge? Either way, the answer lies with YOU to do the research and make the appropriate inquiries. Forgive me if I sound frustrated, I am really just trying to help but sometimes the best way to help someone is to help them help themselves. If you do decide to petition another lodge, please, in the name of honor and morality do not lie on your petition or to the new will only be lying to yourself.....
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    Maybe I have somehow mis-read his post.....but it seems to me that by his own admonition that he has not been raised and that is the issue.
  7. Premium Member

    apologies, I meant made, or passed. In his other posts he is an EA, then he is a FC, then he is an EA because they took his FC away...I just don't get it so my best advice is to talk to his GL and ensure that the lodge is regular, etc..

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