Deploying to Iraq...again. Petition Q??

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by VinnyC, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. VinnyC

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    So I've been going to a Lodge here in Copperas Cove, TX. Just found out that I will be deploying again. I have not turned in my petition yet. I know that it will be a month or two before I can get a vote. Would it be wise to turn it in anyway? Does the Grand Lodge of Texas have some sort of waiver for speedy votes and/or a hold on petitions for someone that is in the same situation? Thanks guys.
  2. mark!

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    It states there must be no less than a lunar month from the time the petition is received before a vote can take place, and the only thing I can find about extending or shortening time is that it may be extended if needed, nothing about shortening it.

    Vinny thank you for your service, hope it all goes smoothly and for a speedy return. Be safe.
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  3. owls84

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    Vinny, your lodge needs to request dispensation to do all three degrees from the Grand Master. We have done this before with a guy that went to Iraq. He came back and turned his work in after he got back. He is actually a Past Master and running for the Grand South this year.
  4. JTM

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    yep. get the dispensation and it'll happen before you leave, hopefully.
  5. cemab4y

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    I encourage you to submit your petition regardless. During WW2, many Grand Lodges, issued dispensations, so that lodge could accelerate the degree work. Lodges in Kentucky (and other places) operated around the clock, turning out MMs, to deploying soldiers.

    If your deployment occurs, and you are not able to complete the degree work in the USA, your lodge can place you "on hold", and you can continue the work, when you return.

    Also- if you can find a lodge in Iraq, that is in communication with your home lodge, the lodge can sign a "power of attorney", and you can receive the degree work at the lodge in Iraq.

    My home lodge is in a college town, and we perform degree work, on men who are petitioning lodges in their home towns, as a courtesy.

    Good luck in Iraq.
  6. Ben Rodriguez

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    I would say not to rush the work for the degrees in masonry, I thoroughly enjoyed learning and going through all three degrees in a 6 month period. I suggest waiting for a more convenient time frame, but if you must speed up the process, I wish you good luck!

    Thank you for your service and come home safe!

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