Dimitar Nedkov Depicts the Brotherhood as World of Light

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    'The Standart' daily is going to establish its own publishing house. The project will start in a week," announced Slavka Bozukova, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, at the premiere of the bestseller "33 - The Menace Dan Brown". Dimitar Nedkov, author of the book is a high-ranking freemason and turned the Book Fair in the National Palace of Culture into a mason's lodge. The presentation of his first novel lasted for nearly two hours. Tens of freemasons and book lovers queued for 50 minutes to get an autograph. "The novel is an undoubted successes. With 'The Standart' have been sold 20,000 copies," explained Mrs Bozukova.

    For the first time this year the Standart has a stand at the Book Fair. It is not a big one but it holds all the 49 editions the Standart has published in 2009. "Next year we will have a showroom at the fair and the new publishing house will issue quality editions which will provoke the mind and the spirit," said Slavka Bozukova, the Standart Editor-in-Chief. She said that in the beginning of the year the famous astrologer Emil Leshtanski predicted Dimitar Nedkov would earn great success in Bulgaria and abroad by the end of the year. As the stars had foretold, 33 the Menace Dan Brown has crossed the borders of Bulgaria, as a publisher from Sweden has asked for a translation of the bestseller on Masonic history in Swedish.

    Source: Arts&Culture - The Standart Daily to Establish a Publishing House - Standart

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