disrespectful ddgm in lodge?

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    My lodge has a very ulgy problem for the past few months. One of our members as been the center of this problem. This member always seems to have a conflict with one or more of the other members. It has become so bad that members of other lodges have commented on this members behavior. At our last stated meeting he was very disrespectful to the worshipful master, and other officers. I won't go into details in this post about what happened. The problem was made wrose when this member became a DDGM in December. Most lodges have great pride in having a ddgm from their lodge, I wish this was the case with my lodge. I don't think the guy is a bad guy but he has done somethings that were uncalled for!

    The question is what can be done? Any other time I would talk this over with my ddgm but that won't work in this case. Do I go over his head? A Few members have tried to reslove problems with this member as they come up but it seems that there is always something!

    If anyone can help please PM me!
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    Wow! It sounds like you really do have a unique and quite uncomfortable situation there within the walls of your home lodge. This situation is more complicated by the Brother being the current DDGM.

    As far as I am aware, if the issues can not be resolved on a one on one basis the next step would be to "go over his head". However to do this I believe that you will have to get your current WM to do the communicating with GL.

    This sounds like a really tough situation to deal with that is greatly affecting the general decorum of the lodge. I wish you the best of luck comming to a speedy resolution.
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    It is hard for Gl to do anything unless they witness him breaking Masonic law, I would suggest not giving this guy a forum at stated meeting, have the WM gavel him down when he rants and if he does not quiten down hit the gavel again and make him leave, if you wait on someone else to solve the problem beside your lodge it will be a long drawn out processes no one will want to be apart of.
  4. Wingnut

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    Please keep us informed, I bet this happens more than most realize.
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    Man, that sucks tremendously.
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    I am with Rhit on this one. If he gets off topic then it is the WM, or wardens for that matter, to gavel him down. Just be sure Masonic protocol is followed and it is for keeping peace and harmony in the Lodge. Don't let this guy take control of the Lodge during your normal meetings. If he is just attending a normal meeting he is just like any other member. I think a lot of people forget that sometimes it is necessary to gavel a ranting or disrespectful brother to keep the other members coming because no one wants to sit in Lodge with such negativity. Who knows once this happens you may win the respect of others as well.
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    I would suggest that the next time this person is disruptive, the WM or Wardens should use the gavel & remind him who is the captain of the ship. However, when doing this watch out if he tries to pull GL rank to control the lodge, that is not a power given to DDGMs.

    Remember, Nothing destroys a lodge more than a power struggle.
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    :eek: This is terrible! I wish your Lodge all the best.

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