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Dissolution and Recreation of the Heroines of Jericho


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Good afternoon Brethren,

I'm reading through Richardson's Monitor of Freemasonry and came across the Heroine of Jericho degree which is conferred on a Royal Arch Mason's wife. In a bit of digging I found that there is only a Prince Hall variant in my state (that I have found thus far), it otherwise seems fairly dissolved. How does one go about recreating a degree. The book only says it can be given by a Royal Arch Mason. Would one need to go through their state Grand Chapter? Does one have to locate a body of Heroine of Jericho to be given the degree first? Thanks in advance!

Brother JC

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I would assume you would need to go through a state or national body. Like other orders outside of Masonry someone controls it and it’s not your lodge.


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I've never heard of this but then I have only been a Master Mason for a short time and a Royal Arch Mason even less. Will check with some of my Companions about this.