Does anyone have experience with "Theme" lodges?

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  1. cemab4y

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    I am very interested in learning more about "theme" lodges. There is a lodge in Seattle, Washington, which supports the local arts community. See:

    I would like to learn more about lodges for police officers, or any specific profession. I would like to learn more about lodges which support a particular charity or cause.

    I am interested in starting a lodge for the arts, patterned after the Seattle lodge.
  2. Benton

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    Though I wouldn't know from experience, I would bet that it's easier to maintain a focus in those sorts of lodges, as it's very easy to measure whether or not your lodge is fulfilling it's purpose, be that charity for a particular foundation, or supporting the arts, or whatever other purpose you've delineated in the lodge's charter. Very interesting. As a musicians, I think I would almost certainly be interested in a lodge sponsoring the local arts.
  3. Frater Cliff Porter

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    Brother Charles Martin,

    I like your impulses and your creative mind, but you have never been through the chairs, you very seldom go to lodge, etc. Why not start by a year of going to lodge, find one you like, or can tolerate, be a leader, learn Masonry, etc.

    Masonry is much more than creative discussion on a forum. It is labor. Go and labor for awhile. Then come up with ideas.
  4. cemab4y

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    I have been attending lodge since 1982. I have attended lodges in 13 states, Washington DC, and five(5) foreign countries. I have attended a German-speaking lodge in Paris, France, and a Russian-speaking lodge in Moscow, Russia. (I speak Russian and German). I am the founding president of the Voice of Aladdin (radio club), at Aladdin Shrine, Columbus OH. I have served in leadership positions in non-profit organizations, but I have not yet had the honor of serving as an officer in a Masonic lodge. (I have been too busy, the past 7 years, serving on projects in Iraq/Afghanistan). In fact, tonight at dinner, there was a rocket attack, and I had to take cover. I am sorry, that my service in the war on terror, interferes with my ability to attend lodge.

    Finally, there is a lodge that I can attend in Afghanistan, sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Ontario (Canada). I will attend this lodge, during my service time here at Kandahar.

    Let's make a deal. I will attend this lodge, labor with them, and then return to the USA around 2014. When I return to the USA, I will see about starting a lodge of the arts, in Northern Virginia/DC Metro.
  5. NickGarner

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    My home lodge is a daylight lodge but not a theme lodge. I think that the idea of a theme lodge is a neat one. I think that there is a place for "theme" lodges just like there is a place for Traditional Observance, European Concept lodges, and Military lodges.

    Also I think that we could all do well to remembers the working tools of a Master Mason most especially the Trowel.

    We as Free and Accepted Masons are taught to make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of spreading the cement of brotherly love and affection; that cement which united us into one sacred band, or society of friends and brothers, among whom no contention should ever exist, but that noble contention, or rather emulation, of who can best work and best agree.

    Stay safe Chuck!

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