Does my friend have to demit?

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    I have a friend who did his first degree.
    After moving he's way to far to attend Lodge that he did the degree in. He wants to continue his journey and join something
    Closer to home. As an EA does he have to
    Demit ? Or as an EA is he free to join a new lodge ?
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    It would depend on the grand lodge was is an EA in and the grand lodge he now wishes to continue in. Just from what I've seen in Alabama we had a man in the same situation you mention. He was initiated in Hawaii and then deployed with the USMC. When life slowed down he was living in Alabama. So he went to a local lodge and explained the situation. The local lodge contacted the Grand Lodge of Alabama who contacted the Grand Lodge of Hawaii who contacted the Hawaii local lodge. Once it was verified he was a Hawaii EA the local lodge in Hawaii asked local lodge in Alabama to do courtesy work. When the Alabama lodge raised him he demitted from his Hawaii lodge and petitioned the Alabama lodge.
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    He should talk to the WM and Sec and let them know. They will know who in GL to contact. Arrangements can usually be made, but it does vary by GL.
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    I know a number of brothers who got one or more of their degrees by courtesy. It is very common but not universal for the newly raised brother to petition for membership in the lodge that raised him. Sometimes by transfer of membership. Sometimes by dual or plural membership.

    My most recent case is a brother from OK who lived in Austin for several years working for Emergency Management (FEMA). We did his second and third degrees. Before he could affiliate his job closed and he moved back home to OK.

    On of the legendary meanings of the word "Free" in "Free Mason" was freedom to move. Nowadays we move like a Star Trek episode.
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