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EAs and Fellowcarft Visits


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I wonder what are usually the policies in lodges across US and internationally for receiving EAs and Fellowcraft visitors from other lodges.

Is it always an informal check or does it ever happen for the visitor to go through a complete interrogation?



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Under the GL of Sweden (swedish order of freemasons):
Our EAs and FCs are allowed to visit GL of Denmark, Iceland and Norway due to fact that we share ritual. They are not allowed to visit lodges under other GLs.
I think we dont allow EAs and FCs to visit us at all.

Mark Stockdale

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Here in Scotland, they can visit, but usually do so accompanied by an office bearer of their own mother lodge to vouch for them. We would also check before visiting that the degree work being done on the night in question is suitable for them to attend.


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Our EAs and FCs are fully allowed to visit other losges in our juristiction without anyone vouching for them but then again we dont use dues cards but other things.


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It would depend on the jurisdiction. Many have very strict rules regarding EA and FC visitors. Some may not allow it.
Exactly. Here in Kentucky we only open on the MM degree. Unless we are going to refreshment to do business on a lesser degree they could not attend the meeting. However, they would be welcome at the meal before the meeting.


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I managed to visit 10 Lodges before I was raised. It helped that I knew a multitude of people; I almost never had to be tested. It's been two years and I'm close to 30 now.

Q. E. L. Schuetz, M.M.
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Here (Wales, UGLE Monmouthshire Province) we open and conduct ordinary business on the 1st degree, so EA and FC visitation isn't a logistical problem. That said, if you were just to rock up on your own on a night when they were doing degree work above your pay grade, there'd be little point, as you'd be kicked out for most of the meeting. I did one visitation as an FC to see a friend initiated, but was vouched for and, actually, already known to the WM of that particular lodge, so it wasn't an issue. Generally, it's not entirely uncommon to see visiting EAs and FCs, but I'd say they're usually tagging along with a more experienced member who has invited them.

Canadian Paul

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Lodge under both jurisdictions here always open and do their business in the EA degree. We strongly encourage our EAs and FCs to visit other lodges and make a practice of accompaning them on these visits. We especially try to get them to attend a lodge that wis working the degree the have just received.

I was initiated on a Monday night some 30 years ago and on the following Monday night found myself sitting in the NE of another lodge, accompanied by my Proposer. The way I was welcomed, especially being recognised and welcomed by the Master of the Lodge during the meeting, impressed me greatly.

Keith C

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It all would depend on what Degree the Lodge is working in the evening they wanted to visit. Al of our District Visitations are now done in the EA Degree, so we always have EA and FC visitors at District Visitations. We have no examination other than for a MM and only MMs are issued dues cards, so any EA or FC must travel with a Master Mason, who can vouch for them if he is known to be a MM at the Lodge being visited, or after He is examined.