Eastbound Night

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    Eastbound Night by Kerry D. Kirk, Henry Lodge # 57, AF&AM, Fairfax, VA, 2009

    Was it chance, one 'eve, that I met

    A gent who shared my train,

    Which Eastward hurtled in darkness,

    Way 'cross the Western plain?

    In vested suit, with whiskers,

    Long white with years achieved

    Reclined, entranced, at first,

    When, 'a sudden, he made slight heave.

    O nuisance, I then thought it was

    Given the burdens I did bear,

    An unquiet mind, further tempest-toss’d,

    By distraction presented there.

    But, then! a glance made plain,

    His overture I should give heed

    Dare'st he hold some Secret,

    It there at once did seem?

    "I know, and see thou carry'st grief"

    He said, "still, pardon if I may?,

    Give unbid counsel to a stranger,

    As, I was once the same."

    "Pull close", he winked then grinned,

    With features clear and kind,

    "Know ye, of the Point and Circle?"

    And the Quarry of the Mind?"

    Then, for hours, I sat still rapt,

    While the train made stops by town,

    And I learned amazed of a "building trade",

    That the ancients had be-found.

    I learned my burdens were self-induced,

    That tools, through Symbol provided,

    The means to erase my miseries

    And my hopes and fears, divided.

    I learned that the old gent's tribe,

    Dated to a hoary, distant past

    Yet, legions still dwelled among us,

    Holding guard, their Secrets fast

    Thro’ long the night, I asked him more

    Than dids’t not think I should,

    Yet, full rein he gave, and answered

    By Riddles – This, so that I would,

    Implore he guide me to the path,

    That hearty Fellows chose.

    At length, then placed he in my palm,

    Three stones and said, "Now those,

    "Are Steps, and three is key

    Of the way could be thy Future

    Indeed, the Past and Present as well,

    By Degrees, we learn our nature"

    "Take one per time, concern it well,

    Only then bring forth the other,

    The third, in time, and it Sublime

    Full circle, makes us Brother"

    And upon my teacher's aged hand

    Barely notice'd due to wear

    I glanced, a ring, with symbol centered

    It 'twas a Mason's square!

    “Kin to all, who keep the ken,

    Who work within the halls

    Of lodge, of self, Interiora Vide

    And grim Death dare to fallâ€

    I moved to ever thank the gent,

    For my new, mysterious charge

    But whens’t glancing at the gems he gave

    He disappeared from within the car

    I did not know yet what to make,

    Of the spectacle I then had seen

    Perhaps it was my next Full step

    But then, perhaps a dream.

    Once daybreak came, and the sun full bore

    Bathed the City from above,

    From the train I alighted, and strode afresh

    Due East with new found Love.

    A fortnight since, in Temple joined,

    When my hoodwink lowered down,

    Lo! At once, I spied in the Master’s Chair,

    My train sage sitting crowned!

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