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    Ed is a good man and Mason.
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    Taking a look around the website that published these blog posts is enlightening. I am pretty sure that neither GLOTx or MWPHGLTX recognizes the Grand Orient USA. Everything I have read on masonicinfo.com has been straight and on the level.

    And finally I seem to remember that I did not so receive it neither can I so impart it.
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    While I do not know Bro. King personally I must say he almost gave me a bad impression of Masons and Freemasonry in general. Upon emailing him and trying to discuss if I could take my Vows on my Holy Book (as a Hermeticist that is the Tarot Deck, in it's proper order) he called my beliefs Bizarre and strange. I still have the Emails. I politely informed him that all faiths have strange things about them (eating the flesh and drinking the blood of anyone, even Jesus, is called cannibalism, no offense to my Catholic or Protestant brothers) at which point he refused to talk to me anymore. Luckily I found some brothers who taught me that not all people are like Bro. King, and was induced to join this Grand Craft of ours. My only regret is I was told I was not allowed to have my Holy Book present on the alter during my degrees.
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    I would suggest that before people take sides they should read back through the exchanges before jumping to the conclusion that the last person shouting is being any more truthful than the other people involved.
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    I would have thought The Emerald Tablet or the Kybalion. Just as right hand "above" would seem more appropriate to me, but what do I know. If you don't mind my asking, you said you weren't allowed to have your "Holy Book" present on the altar during your degrees, and I was wondering what VSL was finally selected; and had you been allowed, which deck would you have chosen and would "it's proper order" have been the same for all 3 degrees?

    Waite delved somewhat deeply into the Tarot as he did with most occult subjects, but for a brief (and fascinating) explanation of the Tarot, for those who might be interested, see The Symbolism of the Tarot, by P. D. Ouspensky. It can be found online for free.

    Still, what did Hall say about symbols:

    "A symbol may serve to transfer our intuitions and to suggest new ones only so long as its meaning is not defined. Real symbols are perpetually in process of creation; but when they receive a definite significance they become hieroglyphs and finally a mere alphabet. As this they express simply ordinary concepts, cease to be a language of the Gods or of initiates and become a language of men which everyone may learn."
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    While Bro. King could have put it to you a different way, I tend to agree with him in some ways. Your "choice" of a Tarot Deck as a holy book is questionable, a better choice would seem to be Corpus Hermeticum, I would have also disagreed with the choice of a tarot deck.

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