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    As JPM of my lodge, I've been asked to serve in this role for our upcoming officer elections. Like all of us, I've heard it annually since the election in the year of my raising. I've never performed or even practiced the role before, though via "osmosis," should be able to piece it together to at least a minimally functional level.

    The brother who asked, however, deserves better than that. Can any of you provide, or point me to, a documented script or outline of the procedure and verbiage? It may not be secret, but I haven't been able to locate it in written form anywhere.
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    I've never see a script or outline, but it should proceed as follows:

    1. Announce that you are about to conduct the election of Lodge officers for the ensuing Masonic year and state that you will now accept nominations for the office of WM.

    2. As each nomination is received (assuming multiple candidates), ask each nominee "If elected, are you willing to serve?" If a nominee is not present, there should be another Brother present who can (and should) volunteer that he has spoken to the nominee and can vouch that that nominee is willing to serve.

    3. When there are no more nominees, you must ask "Are there any other nominations?" THREE times. If there is no response after the 3rd time you ask, you would then say "Hearing none, I declare the nominations for the office of WM closed". If there is only one nomination, you would add "and I declare Brother XXXXXXXXX elected by acclamation."

    If there are multiple nominations, you would then direct the Secretary to prepare paper slips in a number sufficient for the members of your Lodge present (MM only) and have the Deacons distribute them to the Brethren. After the Brethren have voted, the Deacons should pick up the slips & return them to the Secretary. You would then ask him to announce the result of the balloting. After he does, you congratulate the victor.

    Repeat the procedure outlined above for each office to be elected in descending order until you have finished, then congratulate the officers-elect & return the East to either the sitting WM or the WM-elect, at the sitting WM's option.
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    That sounds like the CA required verbiage.
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    Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
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