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  1. jonesvilletexas

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    Should we pay our dues even though we have an Endowed Membership, why have you answer the way you have. Remember what it was really set up for!
  2. rhitland

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    that would be up to the individual but that would be nice of them, to pay dues or contribute in other ways. To me giving starts the proceses of recieving you cannot recieve anything without first giving so giving a little extra to lodge is a win win for the Brother who does it.
  3. Wingnut

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    The way they work is the lodge gets back $5.00 per endowment, plus 60% of any interest gained over that $50 for the year. IF the interest is over $110 per endowment the lodge will get the portion over $110.

    Each lodge must pay degree fees for each degree conferred ($30 for each degree), plus a fee per member (listed in GL Law Chapter 19 - Title I Grand Lodge Revenues which came out to around $14. For normal dues paying members, a portion of their dues (the $14) goes to pay grand lodge dues, the rest goes into the Lodge budget for taking care of business.

    And no, the lodges don't require the brothers with endowments to still pay dues, they can't. But they can encourage them to and many do still pay the normal dues to help keep the lodge liquid.
  4. js4253

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    We should remember that our Lodge needs our monetary support NOW. The endowment fund is designed to provide monetary support when you die. It is kind of like setting up a trust fund for your children. You still take care of your children while you are alive but you are establishing an endowment that will continue when you are gone.
  5. jonesvilletexas

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    That was the point, but I have talked to many Brothers that were NOT told this, and just buy it so they don’t have to pay dues. Many of our Lodges are in bad shape financially because of the Endowed Membership.
    Do not think I am not for it, I am! But let us remember our Lodges cannot survive without the financial help of the membership.
  6. nick1368

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    I know some Brothers in my lodge that have endowments will pay the difference. For instances our dues are now $108/year. If we get $28 return for each endowment, they they will pay $80 to the lodge.

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