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    The Shadow Knows

    A wise man once said that “to be a friend a man should strive to be like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.â€

    Masonry is also like that shadow and those that shelter in it find not only respite from the weary land, but as they are refreshed they are taught to become the shadow in their own right. Masonry strives to teach men how to be better persons, by being, better husbands, fathers, friends, and citizens.

    Remember the old radio show “The Shadowâ€, in the intro there was the famous line, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men; The Shadow Knowsâ€. Well Masonry as the shadow teaches us to look within ourselves to find the evil and to subdue it; so that in everything we do we know “it is for the cause of goodâ€.

    We take anger and replace it with love; we take prejudice and replace it with understanding, we take selfishness and replace it with charity, we take ignorance and replace it with understanding; we take laziness and replace it with industry. All these things are there for us to learn while we rest in Masonry’s shadow and the key to this process is to be willing and to have an open mind.

    The mind is a wonderful thing but it only works well if it lubricated with knowledge and that is only possible if we allow it to act as a sponge and absorb. But we must also filter what is absorbed so as not to be overwhelmed; sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. Some who join masonry never allow this to happen and as a result cast a very weak shadow, while others revel in the lessons they learn and then in turn cast very strong refreshing shadows.

    To be a shadow in a weary land does not come easy and it will not happen over night, as we all know nothing comes easy in life and if we get complacent we will again find ourselves outside of the shadow. It is easier to do wrong than it is to do right! So we must always be vigilant and honest with ourselves first. Then and only then can we be honest with others and be like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.â€



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