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Episode 143 - Coke Paraphernalia

  • Our guest this week: /u/Brother_Coke_Guy
  • The Chaplain arrives "on time" for the first time . . . still late
  • Rev. Chaplain is a "sheep in wolf's clothing" down in Gatlinburg, TN - pushing the Trump agenda
  • Accelerated membership pins for older members?
  • Bro.^2 gets hitched in an old-timey movie themed wedding
  • What to do when a Brother dies and everyone is out of town during the funeral?
  • The Chaplain's Masonic "stick"
  • Bro. Coke Guy questions what happens when your Lodge doesn't take advantage of a massive fund-raising opportunity
  • Getting rid of the progressive line?
  • Is there such a thing as an un-masonic career? Old South prohibition remnants pop up again.
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