Episode 144 - Kentucky John

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    • Our guest this week: Worshipful John Cissell from Kentucky
    • All about Kentucky's Grand Lodge communication this week
    • Of course, the big thing: A resolution allowing inter-visitation with M.W. Prince Hall affiliated Lodges
    • How the Masonic system of recognition causes chaos when you have overlapping jurisdictions . . . it's not really that hard
    • Other news: Kentucky stays legislation to allow business meetings to take place on the Entered Apprentice Degree
    • Is Kentucky Freemasonry moving in with the rest of the Union and abandoning the "Old South"?
    • Why do people in Kentucky seem to be so confused? John gives some insight into the "Civil" history of the Commonwealth
    • Kentucky Lodges give away truck loads of bicycles to school kids
    • Producer Bruce shares some advice for incoming Masters
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