Episode 145 - (Re-Release 13) Turtle Tipping

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    • This is a re-release of Episode 13 from the archives, published on March 31, 2014. It was the first of our (misguided) "special segment" weeks. Warning: This show was made prior to Grand Censor Bob's appointment, and consequently contains language/themes that he would not approve of.
    • Harlan's blue collar abilities
    • Introducing the SRWWiYCaFyOWaVaP (Scottish Rite Where When You Commit a Felony You Only Watch a Video About Prison) Whiteboard
    • Harlan introduces a new weekly segment
    • Practicing FreeJasonry
    • Our first Cease and Desist order!
    • The Chaplain finds our phone number - there is a snitch in our midst
    • A culture of "Oneupsmanship"
    • Which V.S.L. should a Deist use?
    • Hipster Freemasons and Pabst Blue Ribbon
    • Masonic proving questions in public
    • Turtles?!
    • Someone in r/Askreddit questions if Masons are still legit
    • Harlan one-ups Jason. Again. I don't think these guys get it.
    • An Atheist asks why. We ask him when his church meets.
    • BLOers (Blue Lodge-Only)
    • Harlan's bath-house adventures
    • Is there really a need for appendant bodies?
    • Blips in the show
    • Jason is "cruft"?!
    • Still more of Harlan's floors, and more Mexican-ese.
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