Episode 147 - Propane & Brimstone

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    • Conspiring for better guests in the future
    • What's happened since the last show?
    • Diagramming the Deity
    • Did we really refer to Muslims as "Mohammadians" back in the day?
    • The Chaplain discovers the difference between Hindus and Pakistanis
    • Snack time - Culver's Ice Cream, Oreos, and plundered Halloween candy
    • Local ghosts leave Bruce a present to let him know that he's "t"errific
    • Our Master moved a degree without telling Bruce, at least a dozen times in two weeks
    • When deer fight back . . .
    • Masonic celebrity treats Harlan like he treats everyone else.
    • The American Flag apron. If we catch you wearing one (or owning, or purchasing one), physical comedy will ensue
    • Starting in 2019, hybrid cars will have to make artificial noise at low speeds
    • How do you explain the Tilers job to outsiders?
    • Why don't more Brothers come to Lodge, really?
    • The Chaplain takes a geography class
    • Don't wear a safety pin, just be what we profess to be.
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