Episode 151 - Ruins of Detroit

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    • Bro. "Big" Matt returns after a multi-year hiatus to hang out with us in the ruins of Detroit
    • Worshipless Producer Bruce is "Worshipful" Producer Bruce for the next 12 months
    • G.P.A.C. (Grumpy Past Angry Chaplain) shows up in a Santa suit - with a bottle of whiskey
    • Gift ideas from G.P.A.C. Santa
    • Matt offers his condolences/congratulations to Bruce, as he just ended his term in the East
    • Harlan spends the entire hour making bad jabs a Detroit
    • Installation happened at the After Lodge Lodge - Josh was actually installed as Chaplain
    • Detroit is home to the largest Masonic temple in the world (and it's not an abandoned warehouse bought at auction)
    • Michigan swing-state voters managed to keep the election from tearing apart their Lodges
    • We share some old stories from Matt's time here in town with us
    • G.P.A.C. (rhymes with "Tupac") is confused about what to do with his hands now that he's not in an officer's chair
    • What does our Lodge have to offer "side-liners"
    • Merry Christmas everyone! (especially Worshipful Producer Bruce, since all the packages will be delivered by then)
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